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Monday, Mar 20, 2017

In The News

1. U.S. President Trump’s Budget Blueprint, Obamacare Repeal Legislation Could Cut Funding To Programs Meant To Protect Americans From Infectious Disease Threats

2. Trump Administration’s Proposed U.N. Funding Cuts Threaten Responses To Acute Humanitarian Crises, Long-Term Development Goals, Experts Say

3. U.S. Delegation To U.N. Commission On Women Meeting Includes Delegates Who Do Not Support Increased Access To Birth Control

4. U.N. Raises Only About $2M Of $400M For Haiti Cholera Fund

5. Ebola Survivors Face Physical, Mental Health Issues, Lack Access To Health Care, NGO Says

Editorials and Opinions

6. Foreign Aid Helps Keep Americans Healthy

7. WHO Must ‘Change With The Times’ To ‘Remain Relevant,’ ‘Fulfill Its Mission’

8. Policymakers, Drug Companies Must Prioritize Biomedical Research To Address Antimicrobial Resistance

From the Global Health Policy Community

9. Organizations React To U.S. President Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts To Foreign Aid

10. 6 Ways Emerging Technologies Can Connect Global Health, Innovation, Social Impact

11. FT Health Examines U.S. President Trump’s Budget Outline, Features Interview With WHO DG Candidate Sania Nishtar

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